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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

As you may know, obesity leads to many health problems: heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, some cancers, gout, breathing problems, and many more. It may also affect your self-confidence, obstruct your daily living and social situation.

You may say that have tried ‘everything’, every diet, and every way that claims to help you to lose weight, and they just do not work. You might have lost some weight and later all the weight came back, even much more than before. And now you have lost hope to have healthy weight, healthy life style and attractive body that you want.

Overweight issue mainly causes from imbalance diet and unhealthy life style. And what you need to know is that, starving yourself is NOT the way to get your healthy body and maintain your healthy weight in the long-term. When you starve yourself i.e. limit yourself to eat very little portion, low calories or low nutrient foods, your brain will perceive that you are under crisis, it will panic and will ‘do everything possible’ to protect you from ‘starving to death’. Your metabolism will be lowered, your body will burn less energy and will stock as much energy as it can for later used. This means you will soon ‘regain’ the weight, and most of the time, more than the amount that you lost.

In addition, unhealthy weight loss may cause you:

Yo-Yo effect, eventual weight gain
Binge eating
Endless craving
Eating disorders
Mental health problems
Mood swing
Hair loss
Skin problems
Low immunity

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

HypnoHarmony’s therapy for weight loss will help you to change your unhealthy behaviour and support you to have healthy eating habits and healthy life style. This will certainly bring you to your healthy weight as well as enable you to have healthy body and mind. The result will be sustainable in long-term, as it is not just a fad diet, but it is behaviour and life-style change, deep down to your subconscious. No more starvation, restriction, and yo-yo effect. The magic pill here is your power of mind, which we will utilise and enhance it to help you to achieve the goals that you desperately want.