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Hypnotherapy for Performance


To achieve your goals and to be succeeded in every performance, the two essentials are, you need to ‘prepare’ well and ‘perform’ well. Certainly, unpreparedness lowers your confidence and competence to perform well, and some of the factors that may impede you from good preparation are: lack of motivation, lack of concentration, and procrastination. Nevertheless, you may have very good preparation, but there are some barriers that obstruct you to ‘deliver’ what you have prepared to do, which could be: fear, lack of confidence, or over excitement. These conditions impede your mental and physical ability to perform on its optimum competency.

Hypnotherapy for Performance

HypnoHarmony’s therapy for Performance will help you with both ‘prepare’ and ‘perform’ stages. Hypnotherapy will be used
to remove anything that prevents you to prepare well (e.g. stopping procrastination) and enhance everything that supports you to practise and perform well (e.g. boosting up motivation, increasing concentration). Your confidence and focus will also be enhanced particularly for the minutes of performing. Positive images of self and success will be cultivated, and your mind will be taught to utilise your own ability for the real success.

Hypnotherapy for Performance can help you in many areas, for example:

  • Sport performanceimprovement
  • Stage performance
  • Study performance
  • Work performance
  • Concentration
  • Presentations
  • Interviews
  • Competitions
  • Exams and tests
  • Memory building

Hypnotherapy will enable you to learn how to utilise your mind, to reach your full potential and bring about the best of you!