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Your Hypnotherapist

I am Chnanis Kongsuwan, a health professional who is specialised and fully certified in hypnotherapy. I have been practising clinical hypnotherapy and positive hypnotherapy along with life coaching and counselling for many years. I am a registered member of National Council of Hypnotherapy (NCH, United Kingdom) and International Association of Counsellor and Therapist (IACT, USA). I always adhered to their code of ethics in my practice, which means you can totally rely on certain discretion for your best interests.

I am practising in Bangkok, Thailand and Bath, United Kingdom. I am also conducting a research study about positive psychology hypnosis for wellbeing and happiness enhancement at the University of Bath, for Doctorate in Health programme.

My greatest desire is to support people to be flourish, healthy, happy and success in everyday life. I believe that all of us have unique possibilities for growth. So your therapeutic sessions will be tailored just for you. As we work together, I promise to you, all of my clients, that I will work my best to help you overcome your issues, to bring about the changes you need, and to support you to be the best you.. for the Harmony of your Life.



Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma