Hypnotherapy for Health

Heath & Wellness

Being healthy is when you have the balance of your body and your mind. There are many factors that contribute to your physical and mental health: eating right, sleeping tight, having proper release and relax. To take care of your health, it does not mean going to a hospital when you are already sick or having some injections. But it means your daily life and daily activities must contribute to ‘healthiness’, and that you have a ‘healthy life style’. And the healthy life style will bring you happiness, as you can feel the optimum of your body and your mind.wc-health

Healthiness and happiness does not only support your body to function well (that means you feel great and active!), but will also enhance your mind power. It will act as a shield for emotional burnout. You will have more resilience to negative emotions and life challenges. You will be able to think clearly, feel wonderfully, and act actively.


Hypnotherapy for Health & Wellness

HypnoHarmony’s therapy for Health and Wellness will strongly support you to be as healthy and happy as you want. Your current life style will be analysed to see supportive and unsupportive factors for your wellbeing. Under hypnosis, good points will be enhanced and unsupportive behaviour will be adjusted. Healthy thoughts and behaviour will be cultivated to sustain and support you to have optimal physical and mental health. With healthy life style, you will become the best version of yourself. Or if you are now already happy and healthy, hypnotherapy is also another good way to take care of and enhance further the harmony of your life!