Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking


wc-smokingSmoking is a habit, a habit that you do that gestures with your hand and your mouth, and inhale those over 4,000 chemical compounds thousands and thousands times. Both of you conscious and subconscious remember this habit again and again, and have got used to it. Many times you may not have any reason to smoke, but you just feel that you “can’t help” doing it. You know that many people are disgusting, sometimes you feel shameful and guilt, but you just “can’t stop”. You know that it is harmful for yourself, for your health, and for others around you, and for these reasons, you have tried quite a lot of ways to stop and still find a more effective way.


Smoking can lead to:

Heart attack
Heart disease
High blood pressure
Poor blood circulation
Peripheral vascular disease (damaged blood vessels)
Low supply of blood to the brain
Gum disease
Ulcers of the digestive system
Pneumonia (inflammation in the lungs)
Chronic bronchitis (infection in the lungs)
Reduced bone density
Impotence in men
Poor fertility in both men and women
Reduced ability to smell and taste
And many more!


Hypnotherapy for Stop Smoking

Now come to an effective way to help you stop smoking for good. HypnoHarmony’s therapy can help if you really want to stop! Working together by using hypnotherapy for stop smoking, the smoking habit and craving will be dissolved deep down to the subconscious. New thoughts process and behaviour will be installed into you mind. You will find that you actually can get out of the smoking cycle with no turning back, for healthier and happier You!